I try to paint what I see, feel and hear…
Sometimes even fish can fly, birds can dive, but I must stay where I am and wait - maybe I'll be a success to live to see something?
And there is a desire to believe in so simple things despite of the fact, that they have been deeply hidden inside us.
It was so hard to open the door and it turned to be so simple, you'll always find if you try to.
Only now I come to my senses to see that the fish is already gone…

My themes of art:
Original Paintings on Silk, Watercolors, Oil / Acrylic Paintings, Drawings, Mural, Wall Paintings, Private Art Classes, Commissions welcome, Paintings for sale, signed by the Artist. Unique paintings in variety of motifs - abstracts, modern compositions, romantic flowers, poppies, japanese cherries, bamboos, fishes, water, landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, architecture of Dubai, London, Vilnius, Riga, Moscow, Venice, Curonian Spit, Kaunas, Norway.